What is animal abuse?

Anything that hurts animal for no reason is animal abuse( there’s never a good reason!).

Leaving them tied or chained outside in extreme weather, not giving them food, water or attention, hitting or kicking them, breeding them over and over so you sell the puppies and then dumping the poor old mom at a kill shelter, abandoning your pet in the woods or anywhere else, etc are some of the most vicious yet persistent abuse against animals.

The Link Between Cruelty to Animals & Violence Toward Humans

People who hurt animals often don’t stop at just animals. There is an established link between animal cruelty and human violence. This link makes it critically important that cruelty toward animals be taken seriously by law enforcement, and by society at large. This is for the sake of the animals themselves, and for people who are also at risk. Children who witness animal abuse are at greater risk of becoming abusers themselves.

Abusive training

There is a difference between giving your dog a fair correction, and abusing him. Good training involves teaching your dog what to do, and giving him proper positive reinforcement for correct behavior, and sometimes negative (or no) reinforcement for incorrect behavior. Bad training goes all the way from just being incompetent to being criminal.

Just because your dog is just a dog, doesn’t mean you can use torture to solve behavioral problems.

Educating owners

Owning a pet is a privilege and should be a mutually beneficial relationship. The benefits of pet ownership come with various responsibilities. If you are considering bringing a canine companion into your life, think seriously about the commitment you will entails as a responsible dog owner. Anything short of providing your dog the basic love, affection, comfort and compassion is a cruelty in itself. In many cases, people opt in for getting a pet without knowing or realising if they will be able to take care of him. In such cases, owners often are not able to compromise on their lifestyle to provide their dog what it deserves. Educating people about the responsibilities of being a dog owner will rule out half of the cruelty animals face.

How can we eliminate animal abuse from the society:

  • Report animal abuse if you see it- If you witness someone abusing a dog or cat, whether they are physically abusing the animal or neglecting the animal in some way, report it to local animal control. 
  • Teach children to respect animals– Children learn how to treat animals from the adults in their lives. Be a role model and show kindness and respect to animals and the children in your life will do the same.
  • Support legislation that promotes kindness to animals.