Do you have second thoughts about sterilizing your pet? It is one of the most important health decisions you’ll make for them. So whether you have recently adopted a pet or you’re planning to, it’s best to know all the facts before you go through with the decision. Sterilizing your pet will greatly benefit them and you. Here are the top reasons to spay or neuter your pet:

  • Your female pet will live a long and healthier life.

Spaying your pet dog or cat at the right age will prevent her from having critical health issues such as uterine infections and breast cancer. Breast cancer is fatal in about 50% of dogs and 90%of cats. Ideally, your female pup or kitten should be spayed before their first season.

  • Your male pet will be benefited.

Neutering your male pup or kitten at the right age will prevent them from suffering from another serious disease – testicular cancer.

  • Your female pet will be better behaved.

When a female pet goes into heat, she will resort to various means to attract a male. These are not pleasant for us, pet owners. They will urinate more frequently – sometimes all over the house. Female felines usually go into heat four or five days every 3 weeks and female dogs go into heat for 2 – 3 weeks at a time, usually twice a year (durations vary with every breed). Severe howling and yowling are also concerns, apart from the excessively smelly urine they pass, which will attract every unneutered male within smelling distance.

  • Your male pet will be better behaved too.

An unneutered male will most likely create a number of issues in an effort to woo a mate. He’ll want to roam and will do whatever it takes to make like Houdini and escape from the house. Unneutered males have also been known to be more aggressive than neutered males.

  • Sterilizing your pet will NOT make them fat.

It’s a myth that your pet will gain weight after the surgery. Don’t use that as an excuse! Your pet will remain healthy as long as you monitor their food intake and provide adequate exercise.

  • Sterilizing your pet is cost effective.

The cost of sterilizing your pet is much less than the cost of having and caring for a litter, not to mention the medical and behaviour issues you’ll prevent by having the surgery.

  • It is good for the community.

It is well known that stray animals pose a serious problem in India. Sterilizing your pet means you are preventing pet overpopulation which mostly ends up being a problem for the streets.

” If you have a pet and have not yet sterilized him/ her, we encourage you to meet with your local, certified vet and find out the possibilities to do so. “