Dogs have distinct needs and natural instincts. They inhabit a disparate communication style, and most of their usual behavior is a counter to our own.

Importance of training your Dog:
Training your pet is just as essential as educating your child. Training your dog provides him basic manners and mental enrichment, along with physical exercise. This prevents your dog from developing anxiety and other stress related behaviors such as destructive chewing, inappropriate barking and aggressive display.
If you do not take the time to train your dog and educate yourselves, both of you will feel frustrated and not nearly as happy as you could be.

How important is exercising for your dog:
Exercise is essential to your dog’s mental and physical well-being. Just as regular exercise is important for your health and happiness, the same is true for your puppy.
A healthy amount of activity can steer your puppy away from problematic behaviors and ensure that you and your ‘good boy’ are happy.

Exercising with your dog:
Exercise is the lubricant to the human body engine. With the unceasing yet sedentary lifestyle we have, even exercising daily may become a herculean task and require time-management. We need to consciously introduce physical activity into our day to combat this monotonous lifestyle.
Exercising with your dog will not only help you stay physically fit, it will also act as building blocks to your dog’s overall health and relationship with you. Exercising together will help you both share a strong bond that continues throughout his life.

Fun ways to get fit with your ‘furry ball of joy’:
Fun Run: Dogs make the greatest running buddies.It is a fun way to spend time together and helps keep both of you in tip-top shape. You can start with a short, 10-minute run somewhere familiar for your dog and then gradually increase your distance over a number of weeks.
Lively games:  Active fetch, tug of war, chase, frisbee, etc are great ways to discard dullness.
Soccer: Believe it or not, your dog is probably way better at soccer than you expect him to be!
Dog Parks:Just like people, dogs are social animals, and many enjoy spending time with members of their own species. Off-leash play with other dogs serves multiple purposes.