Keep calm and pet a dog.

We’ve been warned of the evils of spending hours scrolling posts, texting, and sharing memes on our phone,laptop or PC. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp have become the basic social necessity of life. If you do not exist there, you simply ‘do not exist.’ As such, we tend to spend time on our virtual friends rather than to invest in our genuine real friends.

 Dogs are our real, true companions. They are, unlike our Whatsapp groups, loyal and protective about us. They may not speak our language, but they certainly understand it.

  • Your dog feels your emotions, understands your mood, and empathises with you better than any text message.He can figure out what you are feeling using his vast array of senses. He understands your facial expressions and the tone of your voice.
  • The power of pet therapy is thought to be stronger than any medication, not only for people going through tough times or in poor health, but also for the elderly as well. Dogs can help enrich the lives of their owners both physically and emotionally,and this can be especially true for the elderly and physically challenged people.
  • Your dog will love you unconditionally and without any limitations. This is not usually the case with your virtual friends. You may fail a test or get dumped or gain an extra pound, your dog will always see the best in you.
  • For your dog, you are not just another contact saved in a phonebook, you are his everything, You are his main priority. He will always be there to lend an ear, shower some snuggles, and raid sloppy kisses.
  • Most importantly though, no matter how long you are gone, your dogs will always be there with a wagging tail when you return. He  will never hold it against you, and only greet you with happiness and love, even if you leave him on a blue tick.

Your dog wants to spend as much quality time with you, filled with love, care, cuddles and occasional adorable mischiefs. There are a number of fun activities that you and your pup can do together. You can simply go for a leisurely walk with  your buddy or go to a playground to play catch. But we give all of that up for our internet pen pals.