Image of stray Dog on street

There are millions of stray cats and dogs on the streets of India. As daunting as it seems, combating this alarming number is something that needs to be taken seriously. Like most people, you too might be inclined towards buying a handsome breed rather than adopting a stray. But we at TappyPaws believe that these beautiful strays deserve a fighting chance, to be a part of a loving family as much as any pedigree pup and kitten. Here are 7 reasons why we urge you to adopt a stray:

1. Easier to take care of

Stray cats and dogs have lived all their lives in the harsh weather conditions of India. They belong here and will need no time or special treatment to help them adapt to our rough climate, unlike a pedigree animal – say from Siberia.

2. Have a resilient immune system

Having survived the harsh living situations that we see on the streets of India, these strays have strong immune systems that prevent them from contracting diseases, unlike a purebred.

3. Well- socialised

Strays are used to meeting new animals and people all the time. They get along with almost everyone they come across and thus are less likely to encounter social anxiety or anxiety because of their surroundings.

4. Easy to train

A stray animal’s life centres around a search for food. Food is what attracts them. With food motivation, they are likely to be easily trained and be more obedient.

5. Great off-leash

Haven’t we all had a stray follow us around for hours or even days? They’re used to roaming freely and following people. Strays will make awesome pets to take on hikes and camping. They’ll walk independently but make sure they have you in sight.

6. Unbelievably loving and loyal

Having lived most of their lives in fear of people and their surroundings, struggling to find food, that’s good and safe for them, strays respond to love and positive reinforcement in an unbelievable way! Their loyalty is unconditional and loves unmatched!

7. Think long term

Adoption of a stray is not the rescue of just one animal from the street. It means you are preventing generations of animals from living as strays in hardship and squalor.