Dogs are intelligent creatures and they never bite or growl without a reason. They have been domesticated for millions of years and make loyal , affectionate companions.

Why do we feel scared of petting dogs?

We all have innate fear for things that bare teeth and snarl. As parents, we are rather dubious about allowing kids too close to a dog, and we hence condition them to be afraid of dogs. Also, the reports issued by the media do not tell the complete truth, and are misleading. The media is too quick to write ‘Rottweiler attacks a man, mauls him to death’ but rarely goes deep to understand if the man hurt the dog or did something to evoke this response.

Why do dogs bite or growl?

Dogs bite or growl only as a reaction to something, or they are scared and startled. Their biting or snarl is a defensive response to a startling or daunting situation. They can bite because they feel threatened or to protect something that is valuable to them, like their puppies, food or toys. They might also bite because they aren’t feeling well due to injury or illness and want to be left alone.
Dogs often gnaw and bite during play. Activities like wrestling or playing tug-of-war can make your dog overly excited, which may lead to a bite.

How can you prevent the biting?

Socialization is a great way to help prevent your dog from biting. It helps your dog feel at ease in different situations. While he is young, introducing your dog to people and other animals will make him feel more comfortable in different situations as he gets older.
Educating yourself and children on how they should approach a dog is also crucial in preventing dog bites.

Why do dogs sniff in the private region?

Dogs are scent-driven creatures and navigate the world via their nose. They sniff the crotch of a human or other dogs to gather information. When they do this to other dogs in particular, they get information about that dog’s sex, hormones, stress levels and what they ate,etc.

How can we save the ‘awkward’ nether region sniffing?

A little crotch sniffing is no big deal, it’s simply a dog being a dog.
But if the sniffing becomes recurrent, then do obedience work with your pup and teach him some boundaries. For instance,when people arrive at your house, you can keep your dog on a leash, ask him to hold a Sit or Down, and eventually, you can wean him off the leash when he is calm and familiar with guests.